Electronic Cigarette shop in Trenton | Cobourg Photographer | Dave Powers

I had the pleasure of photographing Stinky Canuck yesterday. What is Stinky Canuck you ask, it’s a new electronic cigarette and accessory shop in Trenton, 255 Glen Miller Road Unit 15.   About 30 seconds north of the 401 across from Rona. It is Quinte Region’s first electronic cigarette and accessory shop to open in the area. If you are considering electronic cigarettes this is a must visit store, the owner can answer any questions you may have.


dpowers - Wendy says thank you Bill.

William Rosenblath - Nice job guys, can’t wait to come and hang. Vape on \m/

Jonathan Insley - Congrats to Stinky Canuck and its new retail store! vape on!

Kathy Young - I must shop at :) store!!

Marylou Batson - I love it!

Susan Kemp - Looks good. Good luck!

Jennifer Warr - so cool!

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