What Do Home Buyers Value Most When Looking for a Home Online? By Helana Neumann | Cobourg Photographer | Dave Powers

Enough buyers begin their searches on a digital device these days that the information you present

online about yourself and the properties you represent will be the first impression you make on potential clients.

Which Home Features Are Buyers Looking For?

Although desired home features vary somewhat according to region, type of home, and buyer demographic, there are certain features that are consistently attractive to today’s buyers. Interestingly, though, the importance of those features to searchers is very different depending on whether the home is new or previously owned.

According to the 2013 Profile of Buyer Home Feature Preferences, here are some of the differences in importance to the home searchers surveyed about interior design features:

What Do Buyers Want to See in an Online Property Listing?

Photos.  People want photos.  They also want detailed information about the property—all the information they’ll need to imagine themselves living there, to help them decide if the home is right for them.

The 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers reports the following responses to questions about the value of web site features:

How Are Mobile Devices Being Used for Online Home Searches?

Mobile devices now play a large role in home searches. Eighty-nine percent of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine, and 68% use a mobile application when doing research on available homes.

According to the joint study by NAR and Google, Digital House Hunt, buyers use mobile devices to:

  • Read general home information
  • Get directions to visit a home
  • Compare prices
  • Compare features
  • Search a listing company’s inventory
  • Call a brokerage

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