Canon TS-E 24mm Tilt & Shift Lens | Cobourg Photographer | Dave Powers

I went around Cobourg to test out my new Canon TS-E 24 Tilt and Shift Lens.  Did you say HUH?  Basically, the camera and lens have to be at a level angle towards the building being photographed, if not, most times the camera needs to be tilted up.  This throws off the verticals and perspective of the building.  Thus in comes the TS lens, level up the camera, dial the lens to move (shift) just the lens up or down, allowing the whole building to be in the frame without having to take the camera off level. (not having to point the camera up to get the whole building)  By by photoshop adjustments. You can also play with the depth of field (blurriness) of the image as well by adjusting the tilt dial. (see the last image)  I think I am in love with this lens!!!

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